Help to Quit Smoking : PDF version of the uQuitSmoking Program

uQuitSmoking Image

I created this document for those individuals that don’t have an iPhone, but want to quit smoking.  I tried to put enough material in the app, to provide the user with plenty of opportunities to use it.  The information in this document is very similar to the iPhone App, it has all of the educational info, website links, and relaxation techniques.  The relaxation techniques are modified and are still possible, without using an iPhone.

Read the entire program, then follow each section and perform each step.  When the urge to have a cigarette comes, instead of having a cigarette use your computer, laptop, or mobile device  to distract your mind from wanting a cigarette.  Follow the advice in the Quit Section , do one of the Relaxation Techniques, or you can visit a website listed in the Help Section.   Do whatever it takes to get your mind off of wanting a cigarette.  As time progresses the urge to smoke will go away.

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