Time to Quit Smoking : The Mouth – What to put in it, instead of a cigarette.

Person Chewing GumWhat to put in your Mouth
When you quit smoking cigarettes, you won’t have a cigarette in your mouth. Don’t put an unlit cigarette in your mouth, you may light it. If you start to feel fidgety, chew gum or have a hard candy. I recommend chewing a quality gum, choose a gum that doesn’t loose its flavor in a matter of minutes. Gums that have their sugar in the form of alcohol, sugar alcohol, will last the longest. No, the sugar alcohol is not the same alcohol that is in alcoholic beverages.  If your jaw muscles become fatigued, have a hard candy instead. Do this until your urge to smoke is gone, then slowly reduce the amount of gum you chew or candy you consume to normal amounts.

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